Yoga @ Lunchtime

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AYI® course in the beginning of 2019

Yoga @ Lunchtime

provides an opportunity to every professional to relax the mind and re-energize the body at the same time. In 30 minutes only recharge your battery and give yourself what you truly deserve. – A real break!
No matter if you are a Fitness Fan or Couch Potato, if you are working in the office Yoga @ Lunchtime is for you.
No sportswear needed Yoga Mats and props available as well as a changing room Learn simple and save techniques and exercises you can do by yourself in the office to face your work day with less stress and more ease. Stay energized throughout the day. After your first session you’ll be able to feel the difference. With continued practice you’ll be able to enhance the positive effects, which will intensify.

Safe and simple movement physiological exercises harmonize back, neck and shoulders. Breathing techniques melt away stress, clear the mind and evoke creativity again.
All exercises and techniques are non-hypnotic and transport no particular world-view. 

Yoga @ Lunchtime is for you if you want to:
Rid yourself of tension in back-, shoulder and Neck.
gently balance out one-sided, 

poor posture

increase resilience

relax and refuel energy at the same time


AYI® means Ashtanga Yoga Innovation and bridges traditional Ashtanga Yoga with modern sientific insights.

This style of Yoga consists of a fixed sequence of postures (asanas) as well as flows (vinyasas). The base of the practice however is a more subtle method called Tristana, which combines Dristi (gaze) Ujjay (Yogic breathing) and Bandha (seal/lock) which ultimately lead to meditation in motion.

The AYI® Method, after Dr. Ronald Steiner, my teacher, uses safe movement physiology to ensure a wholesome Yoga practice.

Now a much broughter spectrum of people is able to dive in to this most popular Yoga Style wordwide honnoring the individuals starting point.


Taking into account the individual starting point, many more people now have the opportunity to sustainably build up their yoga practice in this tradition.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are a yoga beginner, and value a safe and healthy practice
  • You already have previous knowledge and would like to further refine your practice
  • You are looking for an effective way
  • Reduce stress, keep your back healthy,
  • to be more relaxed, to keep your body and mind strong and flexibl
 Yoga @ LunchtimeAYI® TecYoga 1:1
Fee per session whole course *8,00 EUR *15,00 EUR *30 Min 35,00 EUR
Fee per session course proportionally *8,50 EUR *16,00 EUR *45 Min 50,00 EUR
Trial lesson9,00 EUR17,00 EUR60 Min 65,00 EUR

75 Min 80,00 EUR

90 Min 95,00 EUR

* The number of sessions per course varies due to availability. Hence the specification per session.