About Diana

About Diana

teaching Yoga since 2015 --- dedicated Yoga practice since 2005


2017 - current

AYI® Advanced Yoga teacher eduction

Dr. Ronald Steiner – in progress-
estimated completion 2019 Teaching of
AYI Formate Basic, Led Class, Mysore
Yoga Therapie
Yoga Sutra, Sanskrit und Devanagari


AYI® Inspired Yoga Teacher Training

Dr. Ronald Steiner (YA 200 ) – Teaching of the AYI® Basic Form and introduction of the
tradition and innovation of Ashtanga Yoga – successfully concluded


Business Yoga - Spezialisierung

Claudia Bauer – Dr. Hans Kugler- Hans Peter Beyerl
Yoga adapted to the needs of employees working in an office


Start as a freelance Yoga teacher

Public classes in gyms
own courses
Yoga 101

2012 - 2014

Training through specialized workshops

2014  Yoga Sequencing Designing transformative Yoga Classes – Mark Stephens
2013 The Art of adjusting – Chad Hamrin
2012  Tame the pain; inversions and back bends
-Ana Forrest


YogaWorks® Yogalehrer Ausbildung YA RYT 200

Anatomy viewed in relation to Yoga
Sensible sequencing of Yoga Classes
Proper anatomical alignment as well as adjustments for healthy Yoga practitione
Yoga Breathing techniques (Pranajama)
Regenerative Yoga
Yoga Philosophy

My goal

My deep desire is to assist people blossom into their full potential as human beings. Yoga to me is the most effective holistic method to get there. Many people can experience life to the fullest, the abundance, happy moments and riches it has to offer-through the practice of Yoga. At the same time, they can deal with less pleasant situations skillfully. Yoga helped me to grow, to do things I never thought I’d be able to. My life began to improve and move into a positive, happy direction, which of course it does to this very day. This experience I’d love to share with you! To me Yoga is the most effective as well as most honest method with immediate as well as long term effect, to allow the best of you to blossom and shine. You immediately feel the effect Yoga has on you. You are immediately able to assess, if Yoga moves you ahead. Yoga harmonizes all important areas of your life.  Yoga doesn’t distinguish between Work & Life – it unites them. So we are able to live fulfilled, content lifes.


About me

My first encounter with Yoga was through the renowned and valued Yoga Teacher, Patricia Walden, a direct student of the widely known and deeply regarded Yogamaster B.K.S Iyengar (14.12.18- 20.08.2014)

The Style of Iyengar Yoga is known for it’s anatomical precise execution of physical postures in order to avoid overstressing tendons, ligaments as well as muscles. Once the body is aligned in harmony, balance occurs on the muscular-skeletal level, which transfers to the emotional-mentale level. Life energy (Prana) now can flow freely to evoke healing. The zest for life returns.

Natasha Rizopoulos once based in California, a teacher who practised in the tradition of  Ashtanga Yoga and student of the great Yoga master Patthabi Jois (26.07.15 – 18.05.2009) sparked my passion for Vinyasa Yoga.

Patthabi Jois coined the phrase “Yoga is 1 % theory and 99 % practice.” … and… “practice Yoga today, so you can practice tomorrow as well.”

2011 I successfully concluded my first Yoga teacher training with  Erika Trice. The 200-hour format of the YogaWorks® Method is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, the world leading union of Yoga teachers.

The  YogaWorks® Method is composed for people living in the modern, western world. It connects the anatomical alignment with the aid of props (e.g. Yoga blocks and belts) and the flow drawn from Ashtanga Yoga. This method is rounded off by the therapeutic approach of  T. Krishnamacharya (18.11.1888 – 28.02.1989), the godather of Yoga as we know it today.

Ballet and other sports were my constant companions during childhood and my teenage years. On the regular basis I won the Bavarian as well as German championships in guard dance. The joy dance brought to my life required a good amount of discipline for the demanding training. Same goes for Yoga in my view. Looking back today the time of dance in my life was the precursor for my Yoga path. Beyond the physical level Yoga offers highly valuable tools for stress management and reduction, mental clarity as well as emotional balance, which all lead to a heightened quality of life.